Who is behind Running Pixels?

Running Pixels is a Los Angeles based family of experienced digital techs who work together as an elite team

Brandon Kalpin

Hailing from "The Garlic Capital of the World”, Brandon grew up near the Silicon Valley in Gilroy, CA. “Brando” used to string tennis rackets and drive bulldozers. Today, he is one of the most honest, dedicated crew members on any set. In another life, Brandon was probably a handyman as he’s great at fixing pretty much anything. Problem solving is a valuable skill he brings to Running Pixels. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find Brandon relaxing with his wife, enjoying excellent coffee.

Erik Hillard

In 2006, Erik founded Running Pixels to support film based photographers transitioning into the new digital world demanded by advertising agencies. Erik thrives on customizing Running Pixels digital gear to fit the specific needs of client projects. Originally from Central California, Erik would always prefer to be riding a bike outdoors. Now based in LA County, Erik devotes his personal time to Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club, a non profit focused on trail restoration in the Angeles National Forest.

Sammy Castillo

Sammy grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and Downtown Los Angeles. A "student of life", he loves to think outside of the box. Projects with Running Pixels have provided the opportunity to explore the world and see places not always available to the public. As balance to all our time spent in the digital world, Sammy loves to hike, a good (or awful) book, caring for plants, and experimenting in the kitchen-lab. And if the occasion calls for happy hour, expect Sammy to be thumbing through the karaoke book, moving to the music, or just munching on some fries.

Shawn Miller

Shawn hails from Chicago and is a rare White Sox and Cubs fanatic. He started out working with 8x10 cameras at GSP Marketing, a major Chicago catalog house. Shawn worked as a prop assistant, merchandise manager, 1st assistant and photographer. After a brutally cold 2004 winter, Shawn and his wife Jenny packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Looking for a new challenge, Shawn became an EMT and responded to 911 calls in South Los Angeles. Missing the camaraderie of being on a photo set, he joined Running Pixels in 2007. When Shawn is not on location for clients, he’s usually fixing things and spending time with his wife and 2 great kids.

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